A LETTER TO NORTHEAST MISSOURI FROM OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS (Subject to change. Current as of March 16, 2020. 4:30 pm)

NOTE: Since this letter was published Monday afternoon, many of the school districts below have gone ahead and cancelled classes.


Dear Northeast Missouri Public School Families,

In an attempt to be proactive, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic closely; we are NOT planning to cancel classes at this time. Our plans are continuing to develop as we monitor the CDC (Center of Disease Control) site and communicate with our local health departments. We believe the best place for our students is to be at school in the learning environment, and we will continue to provide education the traditional way unless cancellation is necessary.

The public schools of Northeast Missouri are committed to the health, well-being, and education of our students. We know that by keeping our normal school routine, the following occur; students continue the most appropriate learning, students continue to receive two meals a day, parents and guardians can maintain their normal work schedule, and our employees can continue and work and earn their salary.

On March 13, 2020, Governor Mike Parsons declared a State of Emergency. He clearly stated this was not a direct order to close schools and left this up to each local school district. The State of Emergency declaration was announced to give Missouri access to financial assistance for COVID-19 testing, containment and treatment. We are communicating with our local health departments for direction as well as monitoring Missouri COVID-19 positive cases. At this time zero patients have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Northeast Missouri; five have been diagnosed in other areas of Missouri. If a patient is diagnosed within our county, we will next determine if contact with our facilities, students, or employees was made. These determinations will assist our decision making process. Additional information will continue to be posted to our district websites and shared through emails to our families. This process is ever changing, so please be flexible in your planning as direction could change at any time.


• Bowling Green R-1 Superintendent, Matt Frederickson, PhD
• Brookfield R-II Superintendent, Kyle Collins, Ed.D
• Bucklin R-II Superintendent, Brandee Brown
• Community R-IV Superintendent, Cheryl Mack
• Hannibal School District #60, Susan Johnson
• Higbee R-VII Superintendent, Danielle Tuepker
• Holliday C-2 Superintendent, Justin Smoothie
• Lewis County C-1 Superintendent, John French
• Linn Co. R-1 Superintendent, Ryan Livingston
• Louisiana R-II Superintendent, Todd Smith
• Macon County R-1 Superintendent, Scott Jarvis
• Marion County R-II Superintendent, Deacon Windsor
• Moberly School District, Matthew S. Miller, Ed.D.
• Monroe City R-1 Superintendent, Tracey Bottoms, Ed.D.
• North Callaway R-1 superintendent, Nickey Kemp
• North Shelby Superintendent, Kim Gaines
• Palmyra R-1 Superintendent, Kirt Malone
• Paris R-II Superintendent, Aaron Vitt Ed.D.
• Ralls County R-II Superintendent, Tara Lewis, Ed.D.
• Renick R-V Superintendent, Lisa Borden, Ed.S.
• Schuyler County R-1 Superintendent, Steve Carvajal
• Shelby County R-IV Superintendent, Tim Maddex
• Van-Far R-1 Superintendent, Tony DeGrave
• Wellsville-Middletown R-1 Superintendent, Pete Nasir
• Westran R-1 Superintendent, Mike Nagel

•Hannibal Schools have decided to close since the signing of this letter
•Bowling Green Schools have decided to close since the signing of this letter