New Christmas Decorations Made Possible by a Joint Effort

By Thad Requet
As you drive through downtown Shelbina, you can’t help but notice the new Christmas decorations that have been recently purchased and put up on display.
They were made possible by a joint effort between the City of Shelbina and a community betterment organization called the Shelbina Beautification Group.
Jim Foster, who is a member of the Shelbina Beautification Group explained that they received a donation from a former resident who now lives outside of the Shelbina area. The donation was for beautification within the City. Foster said that the group, which is a subsidiary organization of the Shelbina Arts Council decided to pay for half the cost of the new Christmas decorations. He said other local donations also went toward that cost.
The Shelbina Beautification Group consists of Carol Werr, Linda Kropf and Foster.
The group paid for half the cost of the decorations which came to $8,365 and City matched that figure with the other half.
This isn’t the only thing the group has been involved with since it formed. It also bought the flowers and planters for downtown area and  it is going to expand that project even more next summer. The group also planted Maple trees in front yard of the Shelbina Carnage Library.
Two years ago the group purchased tulips from the local greenhouse and planted them in different areas and at different businesses throughout the town.
Foster said the organization plans to do more things in the future to help with the appearance of the City of Shelbina.