Local People Talk Shelby County History on Statewide Radio Show

By Thad Requet
Shelby County Historical Society President President Kathleen Wilham was joined by Presiding Commissioner Glenn Eagan and SCED Director Wendy Brumbaugh to talk Shelby County history with host Scott Faughn on the Showme Missourah radio show.
They sat up for a four-person round table interview at the Shelby County Historical Soceity.
They talked about several subjects including the early settlers of Shelby County as well as the first settler to the county in 1831, Obediah Dickerson and the Holiday family.
Several different subject matters were covered in the round table discussion, including they layout of the land with its prairies and good farmland. They also discussed the Bethel community and its German heritage, which was founded in 1844. The railroad coming through Shelby County was also discussed. They talked about how the tracks were originally supposed to run through Shelbyville, but it was cheaper to go through Shelbina.
Show Me Missourah is taking a county-by-county look at the State of Missouri and its history. The Shelby County stop was the latest installment in the show.
If you are interested in hearing the podcast, you may log on to https://showmemissourah.com/shelby-county/