Shelbina City Council Discusses Possible Fireworks Ordinance with Fire Chief

The Shelbina City Council continued discussions about the possibility of passing an ordinance to allow the sale of fireworks within the City limits. This took place during Tuesday night’s regular council meeting at the Shelbina City Hall.
Fireworks Discussion
Shelbina Fire Protection District Chief Gene Harland was at the meeting at the request of the council. Harland said he would personally be against putting a stand in a residential area because of traffic and upset neighbors.
He noted that the State says allows this to be done within city limits as long as it’s okay and meets regulations of that particular municipality.
City Attorney John Wilcox asked Harland if he would be willing to go and check out a location that someone might inquire about placing a stand. Wilcox asked if Harland would be willing to check out the area and give the council a report on whether he thinks it would be advisable or not. Harland said he would be willing to do this.
Shelbina Fire Protection District board member Pat Greenwell said that the fire board would pass a motion for Harland to do this.
Mayor Al Dimmitt said they were thinking of more of a seasonal situation instead of a year-round business.
Wilcox also said he would contact the Missouri Municipal League to see if it has a model ordinance.
Waste Water
Project Update
Shelbina City Superintendent Dennis Klusmeyer gave a quick update on the waste water project. He said the Macon office is currently doing a quality control review of the project. He said after that they will bring it to the board to try to get a construction permit from the Department of Natural Resources.
Nuisance Abatement
Klusmeyer said the dumpster at the water plant was put in place per an agreement to be in place May through September. He said the City has spent around $8,000 on it. He said they have averaged two dumps a week this summer and he felt it has gotten a lot of use.
Councilman Babe Simpson asked if he thought they were getting a lot of out of community stuff in the dumpster. Klusmeyer said that is always going to be an issue but he felt the town was getting a lot of good use out of it.
It was decided to keep it through the end of October.
Social Media
Policy Draft
The council members had a chance to review the social media policy draft before the meeting. A motion was approved to accept a proposed policy. The resolution will be adopted for the next meeting. It was decided that all department heads would go over this policy and have employees read it and sign off on it.
Round Table Group
Asks to Use Logo
Shelbina City Clerk Tim Lacy told the board that the Shelbina Round Table group was wanting permission to use the City’s logo on packets and information that it is putting out for the public. There were concerns from Dimmitt and Klusmeyer about the City’s logo being on something that the City itself wasn’t overseeing. They added that this was more of a county wide organization anyway.
MoPEP Exhibit M
Klusmeyer explained that what this is, is a chart showing all the power supply agreements in the MoPEP group. He went through the volumes and megawatts used, and where those power sources were located. The sheet also had a list of all the members in the MoPEP group.
Klusmeyer said the chart is good for showing all the resources that are available in the MoPEP group.
Public Comment
Daniel Dovin asked when the Council voted to setup and take on the Drug Task Force as employees. It was voted in the fall of 2017 and it begin in January.
Dimmitt explained that Shelbina has a board member on the board of that group. Lacy said they are covered for all insurance except health, and for the building that is being used.
Dovin asked about K-9 expenses. He was told that the City covers a lot of its expenses, and donations also takes care of some. He asked about the K-9 fund and was told it also helps with expenses with the dog.
Lacy said the police charity fund is now under the City’s control, he noted that there is a Kuff’s fund with Marion County and Shelbina. Dovin asked if it was joint with the City of Shelbina and was told it was. He asked if the City had access to the records. Lacy said it’s between the City of Shelbina’s Police Department and Marion County.
Dovin then asked again about the K-9 fund. Lacy said to his knowledge there were two accounts the police had control of. One has been moved over to City control and one is a joint account with Marion County. Lacy said there is a Kuff’s fund and a Charity Fund. Dovin asked when the Charity fund was taken over and he was told it was done last month.
Lacy said there are only two accounts, and Dovin said there are three. Lacy said there are only two that he knows of . Dovin said he had no more questions.
City Marshal Report
Shelbina City Marshal Jerry Fenton reviewed some of the things that are done with the police department’s charity program. He said they started out completely financing the program on their own. He said if they needed something he and Cole Hinshaw would purchase it. He also noted that they had been raising the money on their own.
He said they have fed families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They given presents to children who are less fortunate for Christmas. He said they started a citizenship award at the Shelbina Elementary School where they award a boy and girl each year. Then they take them shopping. He noted that they pick out a teacher and give them a meal for Thanksgiving. He said they’ve brought a circus to town twice, they’ve sponsored the Fourth of July event as far as the inflatable things or tournaments. He noted that they donate to organizations that have asked them to sponsor. Fenton said they have donated each year to the After Prom Party. He said they purchased a few rifles for the After Prom Party committee to auction off so they would have money to work with. He noted they did a fundraiser for the children that died at North Shelby, as well as individuals who have cancer, or children who have some kind of disease. He noted that they have assisted families that have had a kid who was struggling. Fenton said they’ve raised money to offset the costs of the K-9 Unit.
Fenton said that with individuals raising questions and making accusations about the charity funds, he is thinking he may be putting too much liability on his officers. He said he is thinking of dissolving the charity organizations and putting the money toward a D.A.R.E. program that he is planning to start.
Dimmitt said the biggest thing is that Fenton brings the council and him the information to make sure everyone is on board with it.
Fenton said they are not in it for a pat on the back or to self promote themselves.
Daniel Dovin said he thought they’ve done a lot of great things with the charities they have. He asked if the charity was registered. He was told the public discussion time was over.
Asst. Superintendent
Assistant Superintendent Rob Trivette said they are winding down all the summer projects and getting ready for the colder weather projects.
He noted that the gas line project is completed, and it will be several months getting the road repairs completed and everything smoothed back out.
Economic Development
Lacy reported that the first phase of the Work Force Readiness Program is completed. He explained that it allows people wanting to come into Shelby County to see a list of participating companies and businesses that are in the program. It sets a certain skill level for those businesses in the program. He said this could help convince a business to move into Shelby County at some point.
City Clerk Report
Lacy reported Luck, Humphries & Associates has begun the annual audit.
He also noted that Kelly Beets will be at the next meeting to present a check for approximately $8,000 worth of police equipment.
City Superintendent
Klusmeyer reported that they were replacing the power control at the river pumps. This will cost around $2,500.
Other News
In other news the council:
•approved the agenda as presented.
•approved the consent agenda which contained the minutes from the previous meeting, bills and payroll.