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WEDNESDAY, May 27, 2015 ~ Volume 11 No. 21

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Shelbina Weekly


Strong Turnout for Annual Memorial Day Service Monday
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Larry Mitchell was the guest speaker Monday at the American Legion, Teachenor Post 376 Memorial Day Service held at the Shelbina American Legion Hall.

The annual Memorial Day Service at the Shelbina American Legion Hall in Shelbina drew a large number of people this year.
   Larry Mitchell was the guest speaker. He talked about how throughout history the American soldiers sacrificed so much for the freedoms that Americans have today. Mitchell said it’s important to honor those people and their families for their sacrifices.
   “I grew up admiring the soldiers from World War II, trying to understand why they didn’t talk about the war that seemed so glamorized on television and in the movies,” Mitchell said. He said they had a hard time in history classes understanding the war and during the Vietnam War, why people were protesting.
   “My brother Bob served during the Vietnam War, during the advisory period of the early 1960s. He served as a transportation sergeant from 1964 to 1965. He took care of the soldiers arriving and departning from Vietnam. No one wanted to see him when they arrived, but everyone was looking for him 11 1/2 months later to catch a flight home to the United States,” he explained.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Shelbina City Council Hears Concerns About New Insurance Issues During Tuesday Night’s Meeting
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The Shelbina City Council heard concerns from Cheryl Bowling pertaining to the new insurance the City recently went with. She spoke during the public comment portion of Tuesday night’s regular meeting to voice those concerns.
   Insurance Concerns
   Cheryl Bowling sent a letter to the mayor and council about concerns she had pertaining to the new insurance.
   Bowling said that her husband Allen’s medication jumped from $65 every three months to $100 every three months. His strips jumped from $65 to $100 every three months and his needles that he was getting free jumped up to $100 every three months.
   The City recently switched to Federated Insurance for the next fiscal year.
   City Clerk Tim Lacy said that in not every case has the price jumped like that. He said he understands Bowling’s frustration with the jump and suggested that she might speak with the doctor to see if there is a chance the price could drop once the blood sugar levels out. He said that once it got into a range where it was steady each day if they would be able to get her a better rate, or a different medication that was just as good, for a cheaper rate.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Shelby County Economic Development Board Discusses Several Things in Recent Meeting
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The Shelby County Economic Development Board and Director Troy Renner met for its regular meeting on Thursday, May 21 at This & That Cafe in Shelbina.
   New Business
   Shelbina City Clerk Tim Lacy gave a presentation about the latest things Shelbina is doing to promote its pool, golf course and lake. Lacy passed out tri-fold fliers to the board members along with a detailed event schedule of what was taking place in Shelbina this summer. He said the Parks and Recreation Board has been meeting and coming up with events and ways to raise awareness about what Shelbina has to offer and what will be happening. The tri-fold flier had prices and details for camping and fishing at the Shelbina Lake. It also had green fees, season green fees, and season and daily cart rental rates for the golf course. It listed daily and season pass prices for the pool, and private rental rates for the pool, as well as pool sponsored events that will be taking place this summer.
   The back page of the flier had a calendar of events for the City of Shelbina.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

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United State Bank had a ribbon cutting for its new location in Shelbina last Thursday. There was gift packages and free food (provided by County Line Hams) and drinks for those who attended. Pictured above are those who were at the ribbon cutting. They are (front row, left to right) Bryan Bradley, Beverly Roberts, Jeanette Poore, Holly Copenhaver, Chuck Gnuse, Teresa Bevill, Connie von Thun, Craig Miller, Taleka Vanskike, Bendy Vanskike Lordeen Requet and Christi Gill. (Back row) Russ Tate, Troy Renner, Barb Talbert, Kathy Hinkle, Curt Meany, Randy Trenhaile, Tim Lacy, Brett Hamlin, Cody Stoneburner, Corey Eagan and Thad Requet.  7430

Yard of the Month
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The Lady Bugs Garden Club Yard of the Month for the month of May goes to Chad and Carol Wharton of 203 West College.  7431

Flower of the Month
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The Lady Bugs Garden Club Flower of the Month for the month of May goes to Gale and Pat Buckman of 420 South Shelby Street.  7432


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