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WEDNESDAY, October 15, 2014 ~ Volume 10 No. 42

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South Shelby Celebrated 50 Years of Football
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Two former South Shelby Football Coaches Jim Grasdorf (left) and John Morris greet each other as former players look on.

The South Shelby Booster Club held a 50th Anniversary Celebration of South Shelby Football Friday night at South Shelby. Pictured above are two former Cardinal Coaches Jim Grasdorf (left) and John Morris (right) with former players from different eras in the background. A meal was held before the game and players and the coaches were recognized at halftime. State Championship teams were announced and State Runnerups were also recognized.  6932

Judge Gives Irving Probation
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Knox County Associate Curcuit Judge Russell Steele ruled Friday that Margaret Irving, 61, of Shelbina would be placed on probation, after she was convicted on three different counts. She was found guilty of manufacturing more than five grams of marijuana, B felony; keeping or maintaining a public nuisance, C felony; and possession of a controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana, a class C felony.
    On Friday Aug. 22, it took a Knox County jury 22 minutes to come up with a guilty verdict on all three charges against Irving, after two days of testimony.
   The jury then began the sentencing phase that same day and sentenced Irving to jail time. She received 10 years in the Department of Corrections for count I., two years in the Department of Corrections for count II., and four years in the Department of Corrections for count III.
   The judge reviewed the sentence and had the option to reduce it or keep it the same, but couldn’t add to it.
   Testimony stated that 35 marijuana plants were found in Irving’s basement along with paraphernalia throughout the house. She admitted to the personal use of marijuana during her testimony.
   For more on this story, see this week's edition of the Shelbina Weekly.

Lacy Hired as New Shelbina City Clerk; Demo Grant Funding Approved for Shelbina
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New Shelbina City Clerk Tim Lacy attended his first regular council meeting Tuesday night at the City Hall office as he announced that the City had been approved for its funding for the latest Demolition grant.
   New City Clerk
   Tim Lacy was introduced as the new Shelbina City Clerk at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. Lacy is replacing Mary Lou Craigg who resigned for the same position in the City of Macon.
   Lacy was hired during the closed session of the last regular council meeting at the Shelbina City Hall.
   Demolition Grant
   Lacy reported that the City has officially been approved for the funding for the Demo Grant that will cover the cost of taking down 36 structures within the city limits. The City will be required to contribute $42,000 to the project as well as $9,000 in like kind contributions. It has $50,000 budgeted for the project.
   The next steps include doing environmental inspections, research titles and notify all lien holders of the intent to demolish, make sure the demolition will not disturb Indian burial or sacred grounds. Properties will also require asbestos inspections by a licensed inspector. Six properties are on the State Historical Society list as potential historical sites. They will require an inspection from an engineer to ensure they are structurally deficient and must be demolished.
   Once all of this is done, the project can be put out to bid. The bid process will probably take place around January, and the entire process should be completed by July of 2016.
   2014 Fiscal Year
   Financial Audit Review
   Gary Luck of Luck, Humphries & Associates was on hand to give a brief overview of the City’s financial audit review.
   Luck gave the numbers as of June 30, 2014. The totals assets (governmental activities) were just under $2.8 million. The business type activities, primarily the utility department was $11.415,000. The total asset structure was $14.2 million. Luck noted that the City’s cash position, under restricted assets, represents cash and cash equivalents. That totaled nearly $7 million. The other significant asset was the City’s capital asset which is the basically the utility plant and any property and equipment. That totals $5.8 million after depreciation. On governmental activities, the City has $500,000 after depreciation.
   The total asset structure of the City after the fiscal year was $14.2 million.
   The City’s total liability structure was $1.2 million. “When we compare that to your total assets, you have a very strong asset to liability ratio,” Luck said.
   For more on this story, see this week's issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Shelby County R-IV School Board Talks With Reps From the Lewis & Clark
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By Thad Requet
   The Shelby County R-IV School Board had a discussion with representatives from the Lewis & Clark Conference, talked about what the conference had to offer, as a formal invitation has been extended to both Monroe City and South Shelby. This was discussed during the regular school board meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 8 in Clarence.
   Lewis & Clark
   Conference Discussion
   Dr. Kelly Shelby, Superintendent of Westran High School, along with Westran Athletic Director Matt Burton, Mike Nagel, Principal, and Holly Wooldridge, Scholar Bowl Coach from Westran along with Marceline’s Athletic Director Kent O’Laughlin were on hand to talk about what the L&C had to offer and to answer any questions about the conference.
   Shelby noted that the conference was very interested in South Shelby and the conference voted unanimously to invite them. Shelby was quick to point out that they weren’t there to say anything bad about the Clarence Cannon Conference. He said that the L&C may be the best conference in the state for teams of its size.
   He noted that Slater is leaving the conference and Harrisburg will be joining in 2016-17. the last school to leave the L&C was North Callaway back in 1988.
   Shelby noted that the conference has nice facilities. Counting Harrisburg, the L&C will have four schools with all-weather tracks. He also noted Salisbury’s new basketball facility that is being built.
   Shelby said he understands the traditions that have been established in the CCC through the years, and stressed that he wasn’t there to say anything negative toward the CCC. He did, however, say that he thought South Shelby would be a natural fit in the L&C.
   Wooldridge explained that with Scholar Bowl, each school hosts a three match night. The conference tournament is usually held on Saturday. With Art, they said they knew the CCC had an art show that South Shelby’s Zack Grassley actually coordinates. In Music and Band, each year schools take turns being the conference chair and hosting the events. They have a college clinic for band students where college aged musicians come in and work with the students.
   For more on this story, see this week's issue of the Shelbina Weekly

Dovin Receives Award
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David Dovin (left) received an award from David Bryant.

David Dovin (Ieft) received an award of appreciation on behalf of his business, Midwest Tire, for its financial support of the Missouri EMS Funeral Response Team. The award was from the 2014 Missouri EMS Funeral Response Team Board of Directors. David Bryant, (right) Commander of Region III, presented the plaque to him.  6937

Retirement Ceremony Held for Major Matt Lackey
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Matt Lackey is pictured with his family.

Major Matthew Lackey retired from the United States Air Force, after 23 years of service, in a ceremony held at Davis-Monthan Air Base in Tucson, Arizona. He has been stationed at Davis-Monthan for the past four years where he has served as a pilot instructor/evaluator and assistant director of operations with the 357th Fighter Squadron. He has been responsible for supervising the daily execution of the formal training unit's flying schedule. He was also the 355th Fighter Squadron Wing's Current Operations Flight Commander.
   He was born and raised in Shelbina and is the son of Kerry and Kathy Lackey, and the Grandson of Henry and Gerri Lackey. He enlisted after graduating from South Shelby High School in 1991 and was assigned to Lowery AFB after basic training. At Lowery, he attended technical school as an F-15 avionics system technician. He served at Langley AFB, Lakenheath AB, and Elgin AFB where he supported Operation Southern Watch, Deny Flight, and Provide Comfort.
   While stationed in Turkey, he met his wife Marlene (Deocalis). Marlene is from Stockton, Calif., and served in the Air Force for six years. They have two children, Kyle, 17, and Alyssa, 15. He attributes all of his achievements to his family for their dedication and immeasurable support.
   SSgt Lackey separated from the Air Force for three years on an ROTC scholarship and earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University in Sacramento. He was commissioned in June 2002 as a 1st Lieutenant. After a hard year of training at Nellis AFB, he attended Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training at Sheppard AFB. He ultimately was rewarded with flying the most lethal aircraft on the planet: the A-1 0 Thunderbolt (Warthog).
   "Caddy", as he is known by other pilots, first assignment was to Spangdehlem AB in Germany where he supported Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He went from Germany to Osan AB in the Republic of Korea before returning to the United States and joining the 35i11 Fighter Squadron with the dragons in Tucson.
   For more on this story, see this week's issue of the Shelbina Weekly.


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