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WEDNESDAY, October 7, 2015 ~ Volume 11 No. 40

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2015 Homecoming Queen
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Rachelle Chinn was crowned the 2015 South Shelby Homecoming Queen Friday night at halftime of the football game. Rachelle is the daughter of Kevin and Chris Chinn of Clarence.  7688

Local Group Comes Up with Several Ideas to Clean Up the City of Shelbina
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Jim Foster and Cindy O’Laughlin represented a group from Shelbina at a recent Shelbina City Council meeting to talk about possible beautification projects for the town. This is a detailed look at the ideas Foster, O’Laughlin and the group have come up with.
   “There is a definite need for city wide improvements with regard to beautification within the city limits of Shelbina on a continual basis,” Foster said. “This proposal would take place over a period of years with specific projects in mind to help satisfy the goal of renewing the image of the city as a whole,” he added. Foster said the group feels it would enhance the quality of life for those currently living and working in Shelbina and also to help attract new residents who may be looking to move to a rural community either for work or as a retirement location.
   The following proposal is a plan they submitted the the Shelbina City Council to be implemented through the cooperation of the City of Shelbina and any individual or groups who would like to aid in seeing the beautification efforts.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Macon Electric Co-op Members Vote Director Out in Special Meeting
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Much of this article was contributed by KTVO-Kirksville.
   Hundreds of Macon Electric Cooperative members filled the bleachers and lined the walls of the Macon High School Gym Saturday morning to cast their vote for or against Kenneth Wooldridge keeping his job as director of the cooperative.
   Over 1,000 of the more than 8,000 members of the co-op signed a petition calling for Wooldridge to give up his position as director because of his personal relationship with Cooperative Office Manager Kay Smith.
   Attorney Jay Benson represented the petitioners, and said that they have no issue with Wooldridge having a relationship with Smith, but Benson claimed it caused a conflict of interest within the co-op.
   Benson acknowledged that Wooldridge and Smith have a right to be in a relationshsip, but added that they cannot be involved in a romantic relationship when Wooldridge is on this board and Smith is the office manager, and the second-highest paid salary person in the cooperative.”
   Wooldridge, whose wife passed away years ago, told the board that he was dating Smith in 2011, according to several witness testimonies and Wooldridge himself.
   Benson based his argument around board policy 118, and claimed that when Wooldridge dealt with an issue with two employees, including Smith, he was putting the interest of individuals over the interest of the co-op. Benson noted that this had become a re-occurring theme.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Vintage Soda Machine from the Clark Theater Finds a New Home in the Hawkins Theater
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This vintage soda machine was originally used in the Clark Theater on East Walnut Street (where the City Hall now stands).

When Jim Foster saw the vintage soda machine, he knew he wanted it. And he knew where he wanted it to be.
   The machine, which was originally in the Clark Theater in Shelbina, spent many years being stored in the Shelbina Bowling Alley after the Clark Theater was torn down.
   After purchasing the machine from the Roads family during the recent city-wide garage sale, Foster let Paul Heald work on it. Heald volunteered his time and labor to cleaning and fixing the machine up, bringing it back to life.
   Foster had decided the machine should be on display at the Hawkins Theater in Shelbina. That’s where it now stands.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Miles Inducted Into the Missouri Sports Hall Of Fame
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Jack Miles spent 30 years at the Missouri State High School Activities Association. Fifteen as assistant director adn then 15 as executive director. He grew up in Shelbina, graduating in 1955, after he earned his football letter by holding the ball for placekicker Charlie Rash, a Mizzou Hall of Famer.
   Miles served two years in the Army after graduating from Mizzou in 1960 and soon began his career with MSHSAA. In his tenure, MSHSAA saw the expansion of girls sports. He later became state director for the Missouri Senior Games for 12 years.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Keller Enjoys Stepping Back in Time
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Roland Keller pulls an old New Idea corn picker with his 1956 John Deere tractor that he restored years ago.

If you are driving around Kellerville this time of year a midst the huge combines and farm equipment kicking up dust, you might find Roland Keller out on his 1956 John Deer tractor. He will most likely be pulling a one row New Idea corn picker and a red wagon to haul the corn in.
   “I’ve been doing this a long time. I never was a picker man. My dad would always run the corn picker. He said they were dangerous and didn’t want us kids sticking our hands in there. Now that I’m out here alone, I do a little bit of it each year,” Keller explained.
   Roland still lives on the same far that he and his brother Carl grew up on many years ago, helping their father. He said he picks a little corn each fall to feed to his cows and for those people who like to feed it to the squirrels. It’s just fun to do,” Keller said.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.


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