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WEDNESDAY, September 17, 2014 ~ Volume 10 No. 38

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NEMO Old Threshers Brings People From All Over to Shelby County
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The Old Threshers Parade was quite impressive Saturday.

The 27th Annual NEMO Old Threshers event took place at the Shelby County Fairgrounds this past weekend. People from near and far brought their old tractors, trucks, farm machinery and steam engines to show off. Large crowds and dry weather made for a great time for people of all ages. See the 12-page special edition on this year’s event inside this issue of the Shelbina Weekly  6854

Representatives From Clarence Have Counter-Proposal for Elementary
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There was a fair amount of public representation from the City of Clarence at Wednesday night’s R-IV School Board meeting to voice concerns about the possibility of merging the district’s two elementary schools into a new one at the South Shelby location.
   Public Comment
   During the public comment portion of the meeting, Tim Farmer spoke on behalf of the Clarence Community Betterment Association, a group that Farmer explained works for improvements and for economic development in Clarence.
   He said they were concerned with the possibility of taking the Clarence Elementary School out of Clarence. “It’s very important for us to keep the elementary in Clarence, but we do want to voice our strong support to build an elementary building in Shelbina,” he said.
   Farmer stated that the Missouri Association of Rural Educators (M.A.R.E) website and pulled some information off of the website. Farmer said that according to the website, student achievement is higher at an elementary in each community. He also noted that it said there are lower test scores where consolidation occurs. He said with elementary schools in each community there is greater involvement with students with less disruptive behavior. He also said that the website stated that there is greater parental involvement and the students are safer because of being closer to law enforcement. Farmer said that all students being in one location puts the students in more danger in case of emergency.
   “M.A.R.E.’s research shows an undeniable link between the loss of a school in a rural community and a subsequent decline in community population,” he said.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Lewis & Clark Conference Representatives Coming to Talk with the Shelby County R-IV School Board
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The Shelby County R-IV School Board was invited to join the Lewis & Clark Conference back in the spring.
   To update the situation, Slater, a current member of the L&C, submitted a letter saying it was leaving the conference. Harrisburg will be joining the conference. South Shelby and Monroe City has been invited to join as well.
   Representatives from the L&C are planning to attend a meeting and talk to the board and public about what the conference has to offer, as well as what they would be willing to do if the schools joined.
   They are wanting a decision by December from the two districts. Maddex said he would like the board to wait until after the visit in October, and make a decision in November.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

South Shelby Homecoming Set for Sept. 24
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The South Shelby Homecoming is scheduled for Friday, September 24th
   This year’s theme will be “Cardinal Football 50 Years Strong” in honor of the 50 year history of the program.
   The dance will start after the football game and last until 11 p.m. DJ A Deezy will be the DJ for the night
   The theme days for the Week are Tuesday: Nerd Day; Wednesday: Farmer Day. Thursday: Fake an Injury Day; and Friday Spirit Day.
   The parade is Friday at 2 p.m. in Shelbina. No pre-registration is needed, just show up at O’Laughlins Inc. if you are interested in being in the parade. Look for Gabe Heathman or Remi Moore. They are the Parade Chairpersons.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

150th Anniversary of the Shelby County Civil War Union Soldiers of CoG 39th MO Volunteers
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The Shelby County Historical Society will host an open house, Saturday, Sept. 20, from 1-4 p.m. to commemorate the military service of all the Shelby County Civil War Union soldiers of Company G 39th MO Volunteers who were at the Centralia Battle on 27 September 1864. The museum, 107 S. Center St. Shelbina, has extensive records on each of these soldiers, including military, pension, and census.
   The Society has newspaper articles relating to the civil war 1861-1865. All these records will be available for researching. The Clarence area soldiers who died at the Centralia Battle are Charles Bishop, Homer Dunbar, James S Edwards, James Forsythe, Joseph S. Glahn, Joseph Golay, Robert Greenfield, John W. Harding, Charles M. Jenkins, Charles Matteson, John Montgomery, Robert Spires, James Stalcup, Edward D. Strachan, James W. Trussell and Jonathan Webdell.
   Clarence area soldiers who survived are Isaac Bishop, James Harvey Carothers, Daniel Forman, James Q. Gibson, Josiah Gill, John D. Layne, Jasper N. McWilliams/Williams, William Jasper Skinner, John Wesley Snowder, George H. Spease, Joseph Stalcup, Milby H. Timmons and Aaron Lewis Webdell.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.


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