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WEDNESDAY, December 17, 2014 ~ Volume 10 No. 51

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R-IV Board Sees Latest Renderings for the Possible South Shelby Elementary School
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The latest rendering of the possible South Shelby Elementary School.

The Shelby County R-IV School Board took a look at the latest renderings for the possible future South Shelby Elementary School on Wednesday night during the regular school board meeting.
   Shelby County R-IV Superintendent Tim Maddex said that Martin Meyer of Architechnics was at the meeting to talk about the latest plan. He had been taking ideas and suggestions from staff members and spent several hours to make the plan to better help the teachers and staff.
   Meyer had an update with him at the meeting. He brought three separate drawings. A sight plan, a floor plan and a composite of different schemes and ideas they’ve had in the past.
   Meyer said some of the major issues that he tried to focus on were where the administration offices were located in proximity to all the children. With this plan they are more centrally located so it’s easy for administrators to get to either wing quickly if needed. He noted that it creates a more of a presence along the highway. It also creates a more secluded playground for the younger children. It also separates the playgrounds for the older and younger children, so that age appropriate playground equipment can be on both playgrounds.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

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South Shelby to Stay in the Clarence Cannon Conference
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The Shelby County R-IV School Board decided to stay in the Clarence Cannon Conference during its regular meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 10, at the South Shelby Middle School Library.
   Conference Affiliation
   After months of discussions and meeting with representatives of both the Lewis & Clark Conference and the Clarence Cannon Conference, the Shelby County R-IV School Board went off of Superintendent Tim Maddex’s recommendation to stay in the Clarence Cannon Conference.
   Board President Jerry Fenton said he thought it was important to note that he felt the board did its due diligence and looked at both sides of the matter before making a decision.
   Board member Scott Gough said he thought it speaks well of both Monroe City and South Shelby that they were invited to join the Lewis & Clark Conference.
   “I do think the Lewis & Clark is a good conference, and it’s a compliment that we were invited,” Fenton said.
   The board decided to send a letter to the L&C to thank them for the invitation.
   With that, the board passed a motion by a 7-0 vote to remain in the Clarence Cannon Conference.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Filings for R-IV School Board
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Tuesday was the first day for filing in Shelby County, and five people filed for the Shelby County R-IV School Board positions.
   Those running, in order of when they filed, for the three year spots were, challengers Brian Threlkeld and Gary Wear along with incumbents Jerry Fenton and Scott Gough, and challenger Troy Dawkins
   For the one year spot to replace Amanda Durbin who will be stepping down, will be Rich Morrow

Local Person Pushing to Get East Entrance of Business 36 Back Open
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When the Highway 36 four-lane project was completed through Shelby County, it left many areas with route changes due to exits and entrances being closed. One of those entrances is the east entrance off of Highway 36 onto Business 36 in Shelbina. Motorists comeing from the east can’t turn off on Business 36 to enter Shelbina, but instead have to go up to the overpass and across. For big trucks, that can be a real nuisance.
   Cindy O’Laughlin of O’Laughlin, Inc. said it’s a two-fold issue for them. “Our fuel facility is down there (on the south side of the east end of Busienss 36), and we find ourselves constantly having to drive through town.” They have been asked to stay off of certain city streets due to the wear and tear the big trucks do to the streets. “So, for us, it’s just very inconvenient and time consuming for us,” she said.
   O’Laughlin has already met with MoDOT’s Brian Haeffner once along with Aaron Baker, former field representative for U.S. Representative Sam Graves. What O’Laughlin said they want is an at-grade crossing with an acceleration lane on the outside of the eastbound lanes and a decceleration lane on the westbound lanes leading to the at-grade crossing.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.

Shelbina Weekly Going Out Early
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The Shelbina Weekly will be printing on Tuesday of next week because of the Christmas Holiday. The deadline for next week’s paper is 5 p.m. on Friday.  7084


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